Ghislaine Maxwell was apparently living in secluded New England mansion

CBS News has confirmed with a nearby property manager that British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was recently living at a secluded mansion in the small New England beach town Manchester-by-the-Sea and going by the names “G” or “G Max.” Maxwell is accused of overseeing Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring and has kept a low profile since his death.

Early Wednesday, a civil lawsuit was filed against Epstein’s estate and Maxwell. In it, a woman named Jennifer Araoz alleged that when she was 14 years old, “Epstein committed repeated sexual assault and battery upon” her. She also alleged that “Maxwell participated with and assisted Epstein in maintaining and protecting his sex trafficking ring, ensuring that approximately three girls a day were made available to him.”

“Ghislaine Maxwell has a great deal to be worried about right now,” said CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman. “She has to be concerned there may be a criminal case coming down the pike.”

The secluded mansion in Manchester-by-the-Sea where Ghislaine Maxwell recently lived, according to a nearby property manager.  CBS News

Maxwell has mostly avoided the public eye in recent years but in the past rubbed shoulders with the wealthy and elite. obtained photos purportedly showing tech CEO Scott Borgerson walking Maxwell’s dog. He owns the mansion where she may be staying.

When we spoke to him, he told us she’s certainly not in his house. But he did admit they are friends.

Klieman said, “There are rumors all over the place about Ghislaine Maxwell. The truth is, we do not know her status. Perhaps the government does, but the rest of us don’t.”

The nearby property manager we spoke to says Borgerson and Maxwell were a couple, and they saw them running together every morning. Maxwell has not been charged with a crime and previously denied the allegations against her.

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