High school students attend career expo at Louisville Coliseum

Career technology education has been a growing field in the last couple of years

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Career technology education has been a growing field in the last couple of years. C.T.E. programs have used the month of February to help promote jobs to students and adults.

Students at Louisville High School roamed the floors of the Louisville Coliseum for the first Career Expo. The expo allowed students from 10-12th grade to see the careers available to them, close to home.

“I want to pursue the medical field I really like physical therapy a lot so that’s what I want to pursue in life and I want to do my own business with it so that’s really going to help me out,” said senior Darrius Norton.

“Plywood construction job because I’m taking a construction class on the vocational center and I feel like I can go far with the construction work so I feel like plywood is the best job,” said junior Destiny Roberson.

Representatives from emergency agencies, local businesses, and a community college were on hand to answer students’ questions. Teachers said even though the students were out of the classroom it was still a learning opportunity.

Event Coordinator Shane McDaniel said he wanted to host the expo because February is career technology education month.

“Just expose all of our students that come through our career center to the different areas that are located here in Winston County; different businesses, different industries, and just make sure we want to retain our students here in the County and make sure that they become productive citizens,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel said that having opportunities like this helps students get a feel for what’s next after high school and having potential jobs right in front of them could help keep them close to home.

“Where they can see that visual, you can tell them about it all you want to but until they see it and understand that these things are being manufactured here in Winston County and it’s an awesome place to work and we just want to make sure our students are educated on this and as educators, we want to provide that opportunity for them,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel said he hopes to make the career expo an annual event.

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