Northeast braces for second major storm in four days


DUXBURY, Mass. — The northeast is bracing for round two — a second major storm in four days. Heavy snow, rain and high winds will move into the region overnight. Amtrak has cut back service and airlines are waiving change fees in many cases.

About 200,000 homes and businesses are still without power after the last storm.

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A drone captured footage of the coastal homes at risk after last week’s four-day storm, which left a gaping hole in the seawall. With high tide approaching, waves could be seen pounding the coastline.  

“All that happened within two hours,” said Robyn Chiminiello, who moved to Duxbury 35 years ago with her late husband. She’s afraid her dream house will be lost.

“It is devastating, you know, and there is nothing you can do,” Chiminiello said.

More than 300 homes along the coast are in danger of being washed away, a seawall built in 1954 being their last defense.

“I think this is a reminder of how powerful the sea is,” said Duxbury Fire Captain Rob Reardon. “We had four high-tide cycles that caused a tremendous amount of flooding around us all the way through these neighborhoods and up the coast.”


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There were huge chunks of concrete missing from the seawall up and down the coast. Now there’s a race against time before the next storm arrives.

Excavators have been working overtime to shore up the wall to try and stop the water from gushing in.

Watermarks on one home showed just how high flood waters were earlier this afternoon now they have gone down dramatically as residents here brace for round two. 

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