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MOBILE, AL (WCBI) – A Student of the University of South Alabama student is shot and killed early this morning by a campus officer.

A University spokesperson says, the shooting happened around 1:30 Saturday morning outside the University Police Department on Stadium Drive.

According to the campus police officer, he was responding to a banging noise on a window outside the station.

When he exited a naked 18 year old Gilbert Thomas Collar, a freshman at the university confronted the officer in a threatening manner and was acting erratically.

With his weapon drawn he asked Mr. Collar to halt.

After the students continued to advance, the officer fired a shot at the students chest fatally wounding him.

The name of the officer is not being released at this time.

He has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

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  • Did the kid have a weapon. You fail to mention this if not why on earth would you shoot an unarmed drunk teenager no knife gun police just shot him dead. What’s wrong could have just put kid on ground an cuffed him, put him in drunktank aren’t police trained to do just that I mean it’s not like he was Hiding a weapon. IF man had a gun or knife shoot. NO GUN no knife are you kidding me. NAKED an they kill the man.

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