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Video: School Attendance Matters Both Inside & Outside The Classroom

Turns out the cost of attendance goes a lot further than just make up work.

Video: New Youth Concussion Law Impacts 2014 Sport Seasons

As players put on their helmets this school year, a new concussion law is designed to help keep them safe.

Video: New Albany Alcohol and Liquor Ordinances Showing Progress

Alcohol and Liquor sales showing progress in New Albany.

Video: Family Takes Cruise Regulation Fight To Capitol Hill

Violet Butler's daughter Amanda takes her fight for improving cruise medical regulations to Capitol Hill.

Video: Houlka School Fire Destroys Historic Building

A large blaze destroys the middle school portion of Houlka Attendance Center Wednesday afternoon.

Video: Bars Being Held Responsible for Drunk Drivers

We hear the devastating news all the time. Deadly accidents with Alcohol being a contributing factor. But where does the blame begin?

Video: 11 Months Later: Teresa Ewing’s Family Still Seeks Justice

It's been 11 months and Teresa Ewing's disappearance and subsequent death remains unsolved.

Video: Coping & Dealing With Grief

Unspeakable tragedy and sudden death can affect anyone.

Video: Kitten Population Boom In The Summer

There's a kitten explosion going on this summer. And many little felines are looking for a home.

Video: New Emergency Department Promises Better Technology & Care

In a few days a new emergency department is expected to cut down on wait times while treating residents to the best care.

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