Video: New Albany Alcohol and Liquor Ordinances Showing Progress

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NEW ALBANY, Miss. (WCBI)- At Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant in New Albany, Fajitas sell alongside beer.

Waiter Llonso Garcia says once the alcohol and liquor ordinances passed, it took some residents a while to warm up to buying a cold one.

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“We’ve seen an increase in sales. At the beginning people were like, okay, I’m not coming back because you’re selling liquor or beer or whatever. But then we’ve seen them coming back so basically they’re accepting more the sale of beer and liquor,” said Garcia.

New Albany passed a beer ordinance in 2010. Last year the board of aldermen also opened sales for liquor. Police Chief Chris Robertson says since placing the ordinances into law, they’ve seen only a slight increase in DUI or alcohol related offenses.

“One of the things that we have noticed is I do get more complaints from underage buying of alcohol. Those type of things, and we’re trying to police the businesses now to try to correct that problem. But overall from our day to day standpoint we really haven’t seen any additional problems brought in by the alcohol,” said Chief Robertson.

New Albany residents can buy beer and liquor 7 days a week. Chief Robertson says as long as towns set up ordinances properly and maintain strict enforcement, towns should run smoothly.

“The key is coming up with your own local ordinances and what works well for you. How it’s to be bought, will it be sold cold or hot, what days more or less, what times. Are they going to do single sales of alcohol. All of those things the mayor and the board control,” said Chief Robertson.

Garcia says in the end, opening the door for liquor sales can also boost the local economy.

“The cities if they become wet, they will see more business. It will be booming and stuff,” said Garcia.

Open containers are prohibited on public property in New Albany. It’s also against the law to have an open container in vehicles.