Video: 11 Months Later: Teresa Ewing’s Family Still Seeks Justice

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teresa ewingABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)– In Peacock Alley, a wreath still stands. Crime scene tape lingers on the ground. And even, on a hot July day, there’s something cold about this shaded place in Aberdeen. It’s been 11 months and Teresa Ewing’s disappearance and subsequent death remains unsolved. Erica Hoskins is a close friend of the Ewing family. She is also the administrator of the facebook group,” Justice for Teresa Ewing.”

“For your child to be murdered! Murdered! And then you don’t even get to say goodbye because she’s laid out here for all that time,” said Hoskins.

Teresa was last seen on August 25th at her mother’s house. Her ex-boyfriend reportedly came by, asking for a ride home.

” Teresa got up off the bed, she was laying down. And then she got him in the car and took him home. She didn’t come back though,” said Teresa’s mother, Lillie Ewing in August 2013.

After searching for nearly 3 weeks, Stormy Henderson and a team of volunteers parked their cars on Peacock Alley and went searching inside the woods for Teresa Ewing. They found her body face down on the ground. It’s been months since it happened and the burden has not gotten easier for the Teresa Ewing’s family. They’re hoping justice is served soon.

” We still have the same suspects. They have never been out of the question,” said Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is now in charge of the case. Randle says they’re making sure they have all their evidence together before making an arrest.

“Finding a body in the woods and finding remains that have been decomposed is going to be a tough case to try to defend in court. We’re pretty much making sure that the information is legit. Making sure that we have everything we need to make a solid arrest and make sure that once we try this case we don’t have any slip ups because of insufficient evidence,” said Chief Randle.

Every day, week and month that passes is grueling for the Ewing family. They’re pleading that someone comes forward with information that could help speed up the investigation.

“She did not deserve that and that could have been anybody out here on Peacock Alley. Somebody knows what happened to Teresa. And it ain’t just the murderer. Somebody else knows. And I want them to please do what’s right for Teresa and her family,” said Hoskins.

If you have any information on this case, you’re asked to call the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation at (601) 563-6438. Your tips can remain anonymous.

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