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Video: “Day In The Life” Takes a Look Back at Summer

Michelle Lowe takes a look back at the people and places she has visited over the Summer in this week's "Day in the Life".

Video: Day in the Life, R&M Tire

Keeping your car in check on this week's Day in the Life.

Video: Day in the Life, Artist

A picture says a thousand words, but when that picture is drawn with a free hand, it speaks one: talent.

Video: Day in the Life, Life Coach

A local life coach is profiled.

Video: Day in the Life, Valentine Special

Day in the Life, Valentine's Day rescue kit.

Video: Day in the Life, Cell Phone Repair

If you damage your smartphone, don't panic just yet. Help is out there.

Day in the Life, Max Muscle

Every year, health, weight loss and fitness seem to top the list of most popular New Year's resolutions.

Video: Day in the Life, Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Jae Mcintosh knows how to fight.

Day in the Life, CJ’s Italian Bistro

Italian food has been highly influential in the American diet.

Video: Day in the Life, Modern Pool and Spa

Temperatures in the 90's, heat indices in the triple digits.That pretty much describes summer in the south.

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