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STARKVILLE, Miss. – (WCBI) You think teenagers have it easy, right? Study hard, do the chores, and obey the parents. Most teenagers, however, are facing inner struggles.

Through her faith and training, Candace Williams is helping local youth lay the ground work for success.

She’s not using text books or work sheets. As a certified life coach, she is using an open forum and listening skills to help teens cope with their issues.

“One of the most common issues I’ve seen them have, is having problems with knowing who they are as people,” says Williams.

Candace leads sessions every week at the Boys and Girls Club in Starkville.

Our topic: talking to your parents.

“We all have issues with out family, as far as communicating with them.”

One teen said she felt like her mother didn’t trust her, while another said she felt like her mother couldn’t relate to her because of the generational gap.

Not all of the teens were unwilling to confide in their parents.

“Just Sunday, my mother told me I could talk to her about anything. It’s that line of communication that starts when you are young that follows you when you’re old,” says one teen.

Through communication comes closure. For Candace Leigh Williams, using words to promote healing and growth is just one more day in the life.

***Full Bio: Candace Leigh, born Candace Leigh Williams, has always had a heart for God and people at an early age.

Through her ministry and walk with God, Candace experienced a major setback. She experienced a taste of the world and was highly involved in the night life. She basically made investments in places that didn’t benefit her. This phase lasted for a lengthy time. During this time, she knew the hand of God was on her life because of God’s protection.

She can clearly remember going out during the church body consecration and wasn’t comfortable with where she was. Candace heard God speak directly to her. At that moment of her life, the Lord instructed her to leave the nightlife. Her obedience to God brought her back to her rightful place in God.

Presently, Candace is functioning and operating in ministry again and doing what God has called her to do. She is currently a student at World Aflame Ministries School of Supernatural and is completing training in the prophetic, healing, and much more. She is also the founder and CEO of Candace Leigh Ministries. She is a certified Visionary and Deliverance Life Coach and strongly believes in helping people visions unfold and staying delivered. She is presently writing her first book, The Day I Tipped Out on God : When God’s Love Wasn’t Good Enough , which is schedule to release soon.

Candace Leigh has had opportunities to share her testimony on numerous radio shows, including “The Zone” 2012 Stellar Award Winning Radio Station of the Year on Radio1000 and the Living Motivated Show with Dr. Walter Sims where she served as co-host. Candace also hosts the “Season of Favor” teleconference, which is a conference call designed to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ while walking in its season of favor. This call reaches across the United States including Hawaii, Canada and New Mexico.

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