Video: Day in the Life, Cell Phone Repair

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GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. – (WCBI) Let’s face it, we live in a smart phone world. Social media, maps, and even phone calls can be accessed with just one swipe. But when those finger tips fumble, you might want to consider taking your phone to the Smart Phone Clinic.

Shane Cruz says water damage is the second most common problem his team sees at their shops in Columbus and Starkville. I stopped by to find out to find out what it takes to repair these devices

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The mobile device determines how the cell phone mechanic approaches the issue. The I-Phone 5s on the bench was a pretty simple fix, but the problem may need a closer look. That’s where the microscope comes into action. Most of the time, if your screen needs to be replaced, it will take 45 minutes.

There are ways to protect your phone from your hectic lifestyle. There are plenty of protective covers and cases to keep you from damaging your smart phone.

If you break it, they fix at the Smart Phone Clinic, making this just one more day in the life.


*Smart Phone Clinic Columbus is located in the K-Mart Shopping Center, off HWY. 45.

*Smart Phone Clinic Starkville is located next to Zaxby’s on HWY. 12