Tasty staple of Amory Railroad Festival makes comeback

We go behind the scenes for a look at the preparations for the sweet treats

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – If you know, you know. One of the main attractions at the Amory Railroad Festival is a locally made tasty treat.

The apple fritters, cooked up by members of Bethel Church, are a must-have for many festival goers year after year.

All this week, members of Bethel Church have sliced and diced bags of apples.

And prepared the dry mix for one of the most popular attractions at the Amory Railroad Festival.

Andrea Blaylock’s mother, Marge, came up with the unique, and top-secret recipe more than 40 years ago.

“Through the years, she was continually improving the recipe, and she started out with one small little gas cooker at railroad festival,” Blaylock said.

This year, there will be five large electric cookers making the festival’s favorite fritters. But it takes an army of volunteers to make it all happen. Residents at Bethel’s Friend of God ministry were helping on the apple fritter line.

“My favorite part is the fellowship and then like every time we have to do something like this, you think, it’s not possible. But somehow the Lord brings it all together, and it works. And it is a great fundraiser for our church,” said Sandy Knight.

Through the years, money raised from the apple fritter sales has helped build churches around the world and fund local mission work.

But making the perfect apple fritter takes just the right amount of ingredients and the proper time in the fryer. After adding milk, eggs, and other ingredients to the dry mix, and of course, diced apples, Andrea coached me as I attempted to make the popular treat, turning the fritter over to make sure it cooks evenly.

Now, that the apples have been diced and the mix prepared, the work moves from the church to the Railroad festival site, where the booth is being set up and thousands can get their apple fritter fixed and help missions at the same time.

The apple fritter booth will be open for business Thursday through Saturday, along with the other booths in the food court at the Railroad Festival.

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