Teachers Will Now Have Debit Cards

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – In the past, teachers who bought supplies for their classrooms had to wait weeks to be reimbursed. That process is about to get a lot faster.

Teachers will soon have quick access to money they need for classroom supplies. State lawmakers passed an amendment to provide them with debit cards starting this semester. Each card will have between $175 dollars and $225 dollars on it.

“On that card it’s preloaded the amount of money that they will have to spend that year. We issue the procurement card to them, they go purchase what school supplies they want, they use their debit card, once they use up all the money they turn the card back into the central office,” said Superintendent William Wade of the Louisville School District.

The school district is only responsible for giving out and retrieving the card, not the money that is spent. Superintendent William Wade expects that some cards will be lost and even stolen.

“Tracking keeping up with how the money is spent is not the responsibility of the school district, that’s the teachers responsibility to keep their receipts. So they will be able to show how they spent that money,” added Wade.

It’s a system that will change the way teachers buy school supplies for the classroom, that could bring some positive and negative possibilities.

“Teachers will be able to go immediately and get supplies that they need for their classroom, on the negative side the temptation will be there to possibility purchase items that are not teacher related or school related,”: said Belinda Swart, Principal at Louisville Elementary School.

The Louisville District expects the new system make the process simpler and create less paperwork for teachers. Teachers are advised to keep all receipts up to five years for possible future audits.

Louisville District Schools will be receiving their debits cards sometime next week.



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