Tested for COVID-19? The next steps to keep others safe.

if you’ve been tested for coronavirus — how do you keep others around you safe?

Medical professionals said anyone tested should quarantine at their home. That can leave people wondering how long they need to stay inside.

Winston Medical Center’s Dr. Dustin Gentry explained people should wait until their results come back.

That means you shouldn’t have contact with anyone in the meantime.

“You need to act and conduct yourself as if you’ve tested positive, until the test comes back negative. You shouldn’t be out mingling in town, going to the retail stores, or anything like that if you’ve been tested for coronavirus. Even if you think you have a good excuse —  you really don’t. So, stay home, stay away from other people and let’s get this pandemic under control,” said Dr. Gentry.

Anyone who absolutely has to go out, should wear a mask and let others know they have been tested for the virus.

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