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Guest host: Kai Ryssdal, host of “Marketplace” from American Public Media

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs with correspondent Lee Cowan.

CBS News

COVER STORY: Basic Universal Income
Stockton, Calif., is launching a pilot program to test the benefits of a Basic Universal Income (BUI) — giving $500 a month of free money (paid for with philanthropic funding) to residents to fight economic hardship. Lee Cowan reports.
Lee Cowan reports.

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The money fixers
Do you have money that has been damaged by fire, water, termites, or has literally been chewed up by Fido? There is an office at the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing that will replace your damaged bills. Rita Braver shares some of the wild stories of currency that has gone through the wringer (or much, much worse).

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A new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., commemorates laborers. 

CBS News

ART: Portraits of workers
Portraits of Americans that one might see in a museum typically have been of the nation’s elite, where a wealthy subject was able to hire an artist to paint a portrait. A new exhibition at the National Portrait Galley in Washington, “The Sweat of Their Face,” reveals the faces of laborers in portraits of workers, immigrant labor, child laborers and custodians whose efforts continuing build our country. Michelle Miller reports.

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All the money in the world
A couple whose child was diagnosed with a brain tumor has raised millions to fund a cure. Tracy Smith reports.     


Stabucks’ new visitor center at Hacienda Alsacia, located on a working coffee bean farm in Costa Rica. 

CBS News

BEVERAGES: Starbucks’ Howard Schultz and the story of coffee
After almost four decades in the business, Starbucks founder and chief executive Howard Schultz is still percolating with enthusiasm. Schultz gives Mo Rocca a tour of Starbucks’ first visitor center that explores the story of coffee, from seed to cup, located at a working coffee farm on the slopes of the Poas volcano in Costa Rica.

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My Pillow
You’ve seen the infomercials for “My Pillow”; Mike Lindell has sold 41 million of the pillows he invented, and he did so against some pretty stiff odds, including overcoming a crack cocaine habit that became so bad, his dealers staged an intervention. Martha Teichner talks with Lindell about his unique success story, and how his business has helped other recovering addicts.

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The Covo coworking space in San Francisco offers open seating, dedicated desks, and semi-private offices, as well as access to a cafe and coffee bar, tap room, dry cleaning services and a nap room.

CBS News

WORK: A home office away from home
Freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs no longer need to work out of their homes or garages. Instead, they can rent space at “co-working” firms, like WeWork, that provide a place to plug in as well as all the perks of a shared office space – like a gym membership, but for work. Tony Dokoupil examines the co-working industry, which has grown from as few as 70 people in 2007 to 1.5 million worldwide.

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Photographer Matt Black at work.

CBS News

ART:  Photographing poverty
For the last four years photographer Matt Black has traveled the country, driving more than 100,000 miles, to photograph communities living in poverty — people of all races, cultures and geographies whose lived experiences contradict the idea of America as a “Land of Milk and Honey.” Michelle Miller reports.

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Counter-clockwise from top left: Atticus the hedgehog, Yeti Kong and Ella Bean – Instagram stars all, with a combined 1.25 million human followers.


INSTAGRAM: Animal influencers
Richard Schlesinger finds out how pets that have become stars on Instagram have also won their owners some lucrative sponsorships.

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Actress and producer Salma Hayek. 

CBS News

The actress (“Dinner at Beatriz”) talks with John Blackstone about the value of charity.

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Correspondent Luke Burbank check out rental properties at the Hollywood Forever cemetery with broker Baron Chu.

CBS News

REAL ESTATE: To die for
As with most real estate, the key to cemetery plots is “Location! Location! Location!” Luke Burbank talks with a broker of burial plots.

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Commuters outside New York’s Grand Central Station, as documented by photographer Peter Funch in his book, “42nd and Vanderbilt.”

Peter Funch

ART: Commuter traffic
Day after day, Danish photographer Peter Funch can be found on the corner of 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue in New York City, documenting the daily migration of commuters around Grand Central Station — capturing the poetry and elegance of daily (and oft-repeated) rituals. Michelle Miller reports.

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FORTUNE: Can money buy happiness?
A fancy car, a new wardrobe, an iPhone X – just a few of the things that money can buy.  But can cash bring contentment?  Susan Spencer talks with a man who chucked his six-figure salary as a globe-trotting investment banker to take a job as a Dallas fireman.    


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