Read the Justice Department’s summary of Mueller report

In a letter to lawmakers Sunday, Attorney General William Barr summarized the key findings of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

New Jersey teen gets 17 college acceptance letters, overcomes homelessness

This teen has dealt with homelessness, but will now be the first in his family to go to college.

Which states still have the death penalty?

The death penalty is still alive in most states — but many have been phasing it out

Boeing CEO Muilenburg faces stern test in 737 Max grounding

The lifelong company employee, who started as an intern, now faces the toughest challenge of his career

Dem says Whitaker didn’t deny talking to Trump about Cohen

Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker appeared before the House Judiciary Committee in a closed hearing

Depression, anxiety, suicide increase in this age group

New research finds one group appears to be struggling with mental health issues and experts believe a number of cultural trends may help explain...

Schumer says GOP will buck Trump on immigration if they feel “heat”

"Even the handful of Republicans who are pro-immigration, or not as anti-immigration, will not buck McConnell or Trump unless they feel the heat," Schumer...

Democrats have a new 2020 boogeyman: Big tech

How tech and social media companies went from friend to foe in Democratic politics

Trump supporter kicked out of an NYC bar, but there’s more to the story

A man says he was kicked for his MAGA hat. The bar's owner says it was because he was "loud and obnoxious," and used...

Costly Mistakes: Submit your stories

CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger offers practical tips to avoid common financial mistakes

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