Video: 83-Year-Old Farmer Upholds Old-Fashioned Farming Method

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ITAWAMBA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — In Itawamba County, an 83-year-old farmer experienced at growing fruits and vegetables is meeting with a huge measure of success using an old-fashioned method.

At the crack of dawn when most are still in bed asleep, farmer Stanley Underwood calls his mule Hat as they work his 8-acre farmland.

“Well, I can do a better job with a mule and a plow than I can with a tractor. And you don’t want to rig up a tractor for a half acre. See, I got 10 small spots,” Underwood said.

And those plots in the area of the county known as the “Mud Creek Area,” and are ideal for growing a variety of produce.

“Corn, peas, watermelon, cantaloupe. And we got a few tomatoes, and potatoes, and onions,” Underwood said.

After retiring and selling off his cattle, Underwood began growing produce just for his family. All of the sudden, the demand for his produce increased, and there was more foot traffic at this location of John Rankin Highway. Whatever is not eaten or given away is sold at the local farmers market.

“Just need something to do. Helping my neighbors. Lot of people depends on me for peas and corn. And I just like to do it,” Underwood said.

And with a little help from his trusty four-footed farm friend Hat, it appears Underwood will be doing what he loves best until the cows come home.

Underwood picked up his mule Hat in Tennessee from an Amish family. Underwood does get a little help from two other retired friends.

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