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SMITHVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-We see them on TV or hear about them from our utility. They are called boil water notices. But what do they really mean? With its rebuilding under way, the small town of Smithville has had several recently.

Monroe County and Smithville city officials managing their water system are doing whats necessary to keep hundreds of customers receiving a good source of water from their water supply.

“In our case when you have a loss in pressure or you have a loss in the chlorination of the water, we are to call the Mississippi Department of Health,” said Gregg Kennedy, Smithville Mayor.

It happens with some regularity across the region. The loss of pressure is often from a broken pipe line. Acting in our interest, a boil water notice from the state health department alerts the public that dirt or bacteria could have gotten into the water coming from their faucet. When there is a break, utility administrators rush water samples to Jackson for special tests.

“Then there is a series of testing normally two to three days after that we have to go back pull samples and send it to the state labs,” said Kennedy.

Chemicals already in the water offer some protection. But the notices are important. Once breaks are repaired, the water supply is treated and tested several times before customers are given a green light .

“Everything safe, it’s been tested in the state health department labs, and everything is safe so we are ready to go,” said Kennedy.

The problem is not uncommon, especially in rural areas. Utility officials say even if the risks sometimes are low, it’s worth paying attention to those notices.

The recent boil water notice in Smithville effected approximately 280 homes in that Monroe County town.

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