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WINONA, Miss. (WCBI) – Winona Elementary School officials are using the Alabama company, Crossgate Services, to help drive home a safety message.

“School bus safety is not just the responsibility of the school system. Its everybody’s responsibility,” said Bryan Nash, Buster’s sidekick.

Not every day you get to hear a yellow talking school bus warning students what not to do while riding him.

Winona Elementary School students were all ears Thursday (12/13), and they seem to be getting the message.

“You always suppose to follow your safety rules on the bus and be aware of the danger zone,” said Tempestt Randle, Winona Elementary School.

“Stay ten feet away from the danger zone,” said Quan Young, Winona Elementary School. 

“Because the bus driver can’t see us and he said that we need to follow the rules and don’t stand up on the bus or you could get hurt very badly,” said Natalie Rosamond, Winona Elementary School.

Rules like, don’t be late, stay 10 feet from the road, never put your hand or head out of the window. 

Those rules help drivers who handle Buster The Bus do a good job. 

Not everyone can handle a talking yellow bus. 

“They have to go and get their training and then once they get that training and get their license and pass their test. They have to go back through each year, every other year and have to be re certified again,” said Nash. 

Be that as it may, drivers who handle these yellow buses still need help from the precious cargo they are hauling.

“If you stand up or do something wrong he gets distracted and anything can happen in a split second,” said Gabriel Trasper, Winona Elementary School. 

About 53% of all K-12 students in the country ride yellow school buses. 

It’s not every day that yellow bus speaks to students about bus safety rules.

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