Video: Mississippi Economic Council Unfurls Bicentennial Banner


TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) –The Bicentennial banner for Mississippi is starting to fly over some businesses.

The red, white and blue flag is flying over the Tupelo headquarters of Bancorpsouth. It was designed to celebrate Mississippi’s Bicentennial in 2017.

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That banner was unveiled last week by the Mississippi Economic Council, the state’s chamber of commerce.

MEC President Blake Wilson says the banner can be flown with the state, or U.S. flag.

“Doesn’t matter whether you fly it in lieu of the state flag or with the state flag, it goes either way. And so, let’s have some fun, let’s enjoy Mississippi and let’s rally around something everybody can relate to. Our state seal is beautiful and it’s right in the middle and it really is a great way of celebrating what we have got ahead of us.”

The design is the brainchild of Allan Hammons, who owns a marketing firm in Greenwood. The MEC will give the banners to businesses across the state.