Aggravated Assault Charges in Connection to Teen Beating

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2 Responses

  1. HTW says:

    I agree with MPG, these adults should be charged with a hate crime because that is exactly what this is. It is not enough for police, parents, & schools to simply discipline these grown adults. It will take all of us banning together to send a clear message to our children & adults that this type of behavior cannot, should not, and will not be accepted in any shape, form, or fashion. The schools are not desinged to teach the values of society, that starts in the home, church, & community first, then it spills over into the schools. Parents, keep the lines of communication with your child, your child’s school, & make it a point to know who yur child’s friends are as well as the friends’ parents. Do not let a child use a computer without having a way to monitor not only what they are sending, but monitor what they are receiving as well. There is a lot more to these hatefull acts than are appearing in the media. If your child suddenly dreads going to school or dreads a certain class period something is wrong. If your child’s grades start falling, their self image changes, they start getting depressed, they act out in any way that is unusual for them something is wrong. Do not be afraid to ask older more experienced parents that are trusted for advice as well as teachers and/or couselors. Let us work together to put a stop to this behavior before another inocent young life is severely injured or taken.

  2. MPG says:

    Our kids learn from us/parents/adults. Basically, these three individuals are adults. Aggravated assault charges is not enough, it doesn’t not send much of a message. They are sitting back laughing at probation- on papers or house arrest, maybe. So, they should be charged with child abuse/child endangerment and many other charges that has to do with anything done wrongfully or has happen to a minor child at their hands. A example needs to start somewhere so everybody would know there will be strict/harsh consequences for these “jumpings” and filming/exploiting them all over the internet. There are too many of these incidents happening in West Point some are being reported and some are not being reported. It is starting in certain neighborhoods and ending up into our school systems. I feel something a lot worser than Ms. Robinson incidents will happen if, the parents, school system, and WPPD don’t get the upper hand on these “offenders”. Yes, I call them “offenders”. That is exactly what they are!! Because they are committing crimes against others.

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