Video: Gun Buyback Program Out of Money in Less Than Four Hours

LaMonica Peters

LaMonica Peters

Reporter and Fill-in Anchor for WCBI News since July 2012. Proudly bringing local news stories to the great people of Northeast Mississippi.

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3 Responses

  1. Brent dixon says:

    I think it is crazy you better keep your guns , one day you or your kids may need them to protect themselves or family or hey if you want to get rid of them I’ll take them I just don’t have the money to purchase them I am a US ARMY vet and have been to Iraq and Afghanistan multiplied times , and again do you really think a criminal is gana turn in there guns! They may go break into someone’s house and steal someone else’s to turn in for money ! It’s like the police are paying criminals to steal guns , just wait and watch ..

  2. Steve says:

    The buyback was a failure, The true turnout was people selling old, Broken and cheap rifles.Personally being there, I found it to be a great opportunity to buy and trade firearms after they ran out of money.


    ????,,,, house broken into about 10 years ago and 7 guns were taken and to date, none have been recovered, My ? is after watching tonight news is ,, are the police gone run SER # for stolen guns and return them to the owner before the destory them..

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