Lawmakers Pass Harsher Penalties for Drunk Drivers

Michelle Lowe

Michelle Lowe

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2 Responses

  1. DEB Murphy Forbes says:

    While I disagree with wiping the conviction off of the record, ignition interlock has proven itself the most useful deterrent currently available to prevent drunken driving. At least they’re getting behind interlock to some degree. More work to be done on it yet, though.

    I wonder if Governor Bryant has availed himself to the resources of Mothers Against Drunk Driving!? I know “we” work hand and hand with them here in South Carolina.

  2. SouthernSugar says:

    This is great news! I love the idea of using the ignition interlock device! Technology amazes me. It’s not a perfect plan, as someone who HAS been drinking can simply get a sober person to drive him home, so that the car would in fact start. However, this is a safer alternative than attempting to drive HIMSELF somewhere. What I love about this bill is that the fourth offense would be a felony. I’ve heard of cases in which people have been arrested MULTIPLE times for DUI and are still out on the road endangering innocent lives. This would prevent that…hopefully BEFORE someone gets killed.

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