Video: Postman Shooting Suspect In Court

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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss.  (WCBI)-The suspect in custody for shooting a veteran postal worker Thursday at Providence Place Housing Subdivision made an initial appearance before Justice Court Judge Peggy Phillips today [Monday].

17 year old Arthur Lee Whitefield is charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery in connection with the shooting of postal worker Douglas Aldridge of Columbus.

Aldridge is expected to be removed from ICU and should fully recover after being shot in the left side.

Meanwhile a shackled Arthur Lee Whitefield was led before Judge Peggy Phillips who set bond at a half million dollars.

$250,000 dollars on each count.

Working with the U. S. Postal Service, Sheriff Mike Arledge says the case against Whitefield is a strong one.

The teen may have been polite as he addressed Judge Phillips at the desk, but Arledge is calling the actions of the suspect cold and calloused.

“For somebody to prey on somebody that’s trying to make a living delivering a mail. And just to callously just to shoot somebody like that,” said Sheriff Arledge.

The suspect is back in court August 19th for his next appearance.


RH Brown

RH Brown

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    Columbus has become thug city…..what next????