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Choctaw Consolidation Ruling

CHOCTAW CO., Miss. – (WCBI) Now that the Choctaw County School District has received a federal court ruling, they are making known the details of their school consolidation plan that will have to be enforced during the next school term.

Schools in Choctaw County must now  abide by Judge Glenn Davidson’s decision. Superintendent Glen Beard tells WCBI News, its a little different from what the county wanted, but something they can live with.

“All seven through twelfth grade students for the entire district will now come up to Ackerman. All elementary schools will remain the same, serving pre K through sixth grade at all three locations French Camp Elementary, Weir Elementary, and Ackerman Elementary,” said Beard.

That 7th-12th grade school is to be named Choctaw High School.

“We’ll continue to work towards doing the best we can to serve our students here in Choctaw County and provide them with the best education possible. And I think we will see some significant savings,” said Beard.

The school district had hoped to save one point two million yearly, Beard did not elaborate on the saving package with the new ruling but did  say they must now do a cost analysis to determine savings and job loss or retention.

“And our ultimate goal is to save as many jobs as possible. Because we know in today’s economy everybody need their jobs so we want to try to accomplish that the best we can,” said Beard.

“The only thing now is just, pray and hope that something good can come out of it. The key thing is making them welcome where they are going. If you don’t make them feel a part of where they are going there is no other place but to be dropped out,” said Floyd Patterson, Choctaw County.

Patterson had opposed the plan he and others in the district must now accept. Results of the federal court ruling is available on the Choctaw County School District website at www.choctaw.k12.ms.us