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Video: Early Exits an Issue at College Football Games

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The University of Alabama is cracking down on students who leave football games before they’re over. UA officials say those seats could go to others who really want to be there.

The University of Alabama football team is ranked number one in the nation so why are students leaving the stands early? The University of Alabama will now enforce their guidelines that require students to stay until the end of the game. MSU Athletic Director Scott Stricklin says early exits aren’t an issue at Davis-Wade Stadium.

“Our Student section has been at or near capacity fort every home game we’ve had. Our students are great and they provide us great support. We’ve got three home games left starting Thursday night against Kentucky. We’re going to have a great student crowd. We really appreciate all the support they give us,” says Stricklin.

Early exits can be caused by lopsided scoring or poor performance or other game day activities like tailgating but some believe people should stay until the end.

“Honestly, as an athlete when people leave games early, I kind of feel it’s sort of disrespectful to what we do. I understand the game might be kind of slow or we may not be producing the way you want us to but I mean, not every game is going to be perfect,” says Corey Farrow, a freshman member of the MSU Football team.

Zach Tate is a Junior at MSU and also in the PGA Golf program.

“I mean it’s something that we all enjoy going to and look forward to for weeks at a time so we might as well stick around and enjoy the rest of the game really.

Still some say leaving early is simply a part of game day activities.

“Usually it’s because people try to beat traffic or they have plans after the game and they want to get everything straightened out before it’s time to have those plans executed,” says James Anderson, a MSU Sophomore.

Thursday’s game against Kentucky starts at 6:30pm and will air on ESPN.