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ATTALA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-A 12 year-old Attala County girl is recovering after having her hair set on fire.

According to reports the Attala County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to Long Creek Elementary Tuesday where a student’s hair was reportedly set on fire.

Attala County Schools Superintendent Bryan Weaver says two male students are responsible.

Weaver says one of the boys brought the lighter to school and the other used it to set the girl’s hair on fire in the hallway.

A teacher was able to extinguish the fire, and the girl was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Weaver says the school has surveillance video of the incident showing the act wasn’t an ‘accident.’

The two students could be expelled for the incident.

The Attala County Sheriff’s Department has now turned the case over to youth court.

The school board met Thursday night to discuss student discipline in an executive session.

Official Statement: Hair burning incident at Long Creek Elementary on January 7.

The Attala County School District strives to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all students across the school district. The Attala County School District strives to be proactive to protect our students from all dangers; both outside our school doors and inside. In dealing with internal discipline problems, schools cannot make plans for every single possible student behavior. Understanding this, student discipline becomes reactive to the incidents as they occur.
The incident that occurred on January 7 at Long Creek Elementary, in which a student’s hair was set on fire, was appalling and un-excusable. This behavior is in no way a reflection of the students, schools, and communities that are represented by the Attala County School District. All appropriate actions are being pursued to ensure, to the best of the District’s abilities, an event such as this does not occur again.


Bryan Weaver



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  • katie Rowell

    Major Bullying . IT makes me so mad . and then so sad for little girl . I have a 12 year old girl. the peer Pressure she endures daily is bad enough. But physical ABUSE .!!!!!1

  • Concerned In Attala

    The parents or gaurdians of this victim should go to justice court and file aggravated assault charges on these two criminals. They knew better then to do this. They shall also be expelled for a year at the minium and not allowed back in the same school the victim is attending. This may sound harsh but what if it was adults doing this to adults? I hope and pray that justice will be given to the victim!

  • Mary

    COULD BE expelled??? Certainly you meant MOST LIKELY WILL BE EXPELLED!!!

  • Becka

    Could be? No should be expelled forever right then. And Juv. Court won’t do anything to them should be adult court if they can charge a 13 yr old boy for murder when his sister killed her husband only one victim yet both charged & he got life they can send them to adult court for fenoly charges. If that was my child being expelled & the justice system would be the least of there worries. That is horrible not just normal child hood behavior psychotic behavior.

  • me

    what i want to know is why did they set her hair on fire?

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