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TUPELO, Miss. – (WCBI)The National Transportation Safety Board finds a loose nut in the fuel line likely caused a 2011 plane crash that claimed the life of the pilot, 69-year old David Duncan.

The report also shows that the day before that fatal flight, a mechanic had removed the nut to replace a cylinder. While the mechanic says he tightened it properly, he did not re-putty the nut. The putty is put in place, to indicate if the nut has been loosened, either by vibrations or tampering.

Duncan crashed his Cessna 310 shortly after take off at Tupelo Regional Airport.

The fault in the fuel line caused the left engine to stall out, likely causing the plane to plummet shortly after leaving the runway.


    I’m confident the Duncan family is thankful that the pilot was SO EXCELLENT that he was able to take the plane down and everything was left in tact for this investigation to take place. Mr. Duncan is a true hero no doubt; I do not believe many people would risk their life to save the lives of others. God was surely with him.

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