Royal Trucking Company Celebrates 50 Years


WEST POINT, Miss.(WCBI) – It was a Multi-purpose celebration for a local company Sunday.

“I appreciate every driver, every employee at Royal Trucking Company. It takes a team to do what we do. We appreciate the last 50 years and we look forward to the next 50,”said Safety Director Chris Makamson.

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That was the theme for the West Point Royal Trucking company Sunday as it reached a huge mile stone.

Tag Freight Liner partnered with the company to invite employees out for a meal and to thank the drivers for all the work they do.

Makamson says drivers have to adapt quite often to the transitions of the job.

“One thing I’ve seen is a metamorphosis of drivers from the older school guys. Now we’ve got the younger technology type guys. Were are starting to get that side of the equation where the technology inside of our trucks really doesn’t scare them anymore. Really and truly from the start of Royal Trucking Company in 1968 to now 2018, 50 years later there’s been a huge amount of change,”said Makamson.

Sunday also served as a grand opening. The company unveiled it’s new training facility as well as a drivers lounge equip with showers and a laundry mat.

“We wanted to have something to show our appreciation to them. Give them their own space and an opportunity to get clean. An opportunity to wash their clothes. A lot of times due to the hours of service their ham-strung as to how much time they have. We wanted them to be able to do all of those things right here in our facility,”said Makamson.

DJ Jones says in his 20 years of trucking all over.. This company really makes him feel like he’s part of the Royal Trucking family.

“This is great that they do this I don’t really know of any other trucking company that does this for their drivers and make them realize that they are a intricate part of the business,”said Jones.

Sunday’s even offered around eight to $10,000 worth of gifts and prize giveaways to the drivers.