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WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) – A successful trucking company in West Point is saying thank you to a very special group of employees who make the difference in the operation of its business.

Trucking is the life blood of our economy. Almost everything you own spent time on a truck. Drivers have kept Royal Trucking rolling along for 50 years. It’s time, once again, to say thank you.

“The goods we buy, the services we provide, everything that everyone touches consumes buys, is delivered on a truck. About the only thing that’s not delivered on a truck is babies and we are sure mom probably was delivered to the hospital in a truck,” said Carl Henson, Director Of Compliance.

“Drivers are our life line to Royal trucking. And it really makes my job much easier with the great drivers that we have without them we could not give the service that we give our customers,” said John Tate, Sales & Pricing.

Long time customers like Bryan Foods and Navistar are no longer on their list. To keep afloat, Royal has had to expand and diversify for the long haul.

“Severstall is one of our customers in the area, we also do Southwire, is another one of our very large customers in the area. So we are very diverse in out customer base. And we are always looking for new customers as well,” said Henson.

And so the big thank you is in order for the royal truckers, like flatbed driver Robert Boyette whose getting ready to head out for a big run right after this Friday celebration.

“Actually I’ll leave out today to deliver in Montana Monday and I actually don’t, not sure where I’m going after I leave there. I’ll be going somewhere else,” said Boyette.

“That item you ordered on the internet may have gotten ordered on the internet but a driver delivered it to you. Somewhere its going to be on a truck so we want to appreciate them very much,” said Henson.

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