A small town is making big moves with a new business

BROOKSVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – There’s a new employer coming to the town of Brooksville, and Noxubee county is excited to watch the community grow.

Opportunity is the keyword.

For Mississippi Boxed Meat, it’s an opportunity to tap into a trained workforce.

And for the Town of Brooksville, it’s an opportunity to regain lost jobs for residents and lost revenue.

And both the company and the town hope to be a part of each other’s success.

A new year could be bringing new opportunities to the people of Brooksville.

A new plant is expected to bring between 10 and 50 jobs to the Noxubee County town.

After Peco Foods closed its doors in Brooksville, the CEO of Mississippi Boxed Beef, Bubba Comer, saw an opportunity to open up in an area that already had trained people.

“With the Peco plant being closed here that’s some labor that oughta be available and if the town of Brooksville can supply we can work as many as 10 up to 50 people,” said Comer.

Town leaders, like Lacey Holmes, are excited about the positive impact this business could have on the town.

“I can see a possibility of it growing because we don’t have that many jobs in the town of Brooksville as is so this is a big plus for the town of Brooksville,” said Holmes.

Mayor Earlie Henley Jr. said he looks forward to seeing how the town responds to this new plant.

“This a great idea and this is a great day for the town of Brooksville and the citizens that are here. Our citizens here deserve the best and that’s why we are trying to give them the best we have to offer we have worked very hard on this operation here and today is a good day,” said Henley.

And community members are hoping that this will bring more jobs and more people to the area.

“We can see the town expanding. We can see revenue growth. we can see that the sky is the limit with this plant because when we get it up and going labor is going to be our main focus. once he gets the labor in here we will start to expand and that means the town will grow as well,” said Henley.

Comer said he hopes this project is just the beginning, and he would like to expand the business in the future.

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