A tragic incident leaves a dog looking for a forever home

Buddy's story has touched the hearts and homes of many making several people begin trying to adopt him

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- On April 22, 2021 in Tate County, Buddy, (a two-year-old lab mix) whole world turned upside down when a devastating incident left the canine severely burned. The Tunica Humane Society came in to help.

“I actually saw pictures of Buddy and realized the extent of his injury and I was so thankful that they did reach out to us and we could play a part in his recovering and his healing,” said Tunica Humane Society executive director Sandy Williams.

Williams was the first call to care for Buddy, but his case was more severe than they’d thought. On April 26, 2021; Williams called down to Mississippi State’s vet school for their assistance, and in no time Buddy began treatment in Starkville.

“It was really intense at the beginning. When he got here of course the burn had only been a few days old he had had great emergency care, but we really had to start focusing on treating the burn and preventing infection,” said small animal surgery professor at Mississippi State vet school Elizabeth Swanson.

Swanson took the lead in helping Buddy get back to a normal life.He  spent a lot of his time in intensive care and rehab; while also undergoing anestesia everyday and having to  hookup to 3 IVs. The medication became key to treating Buddy’s condition.

Swanson has worked on several burns cases, but this one took a toll on her.

“We see burns from house fires or they bite an electrical cord or they get into something that they shouldn’t this is the first case I’ve seen as an abuse. It takes an emotional tole to know that somebody could do that somebody who needs prayers and a lot of help I think,” said Swanson

After weeks of procedures Buddy got back in the swing of taking long walks and playing in or around the animal hospital, but after so long Swanson wanted him to get off of the campus and out of the kennel to see how it felt to be in a home again.

“Once we got him into a home we could work on additional points of training like you can’t have people food, how to behave, how to walk in the neighborhood which he did really well,” said Swanson.

Medical bills are costly. The two entities set up fundraisers to help pay the bills.

“People from all of the country have followed this dog’s story his courage, his will to live.We sold over 10,000 of our T shirts our buddy strong T shirts,” said Williams.

Buddy’s story has touched the hearts and homes of many making several people begin trying to adopt him, but finding that forever home is a challenge.

Swanson and Williams are searching for a home in the south or Midwest so he’ll be close enough for check ups. Eight months after the incident; Buddy has nearly reached a full recovery. When he does find that forever home his care takers believe it’ll be a win for everyone.

“Through all of that he has been nothing but a happy loving dog. He came in here with his face wrapped in bandages painful giving kisses and wagging his tail and that’s how he’s been the entire time. We just want to see him happy We want to see him thrive and I know he will we’ll find the right place for him,” said Swanson.

Swanson and Williams want Buddy’s next owner to not have other pets and have adult children in the home. The burns came from a juvenile and they don’t want another young child or pet to re aggravate the burn.

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