A West Point woman brought her business to life through tragedy

Finding the bright side to even the darkest situations is something much easier said than done

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- Finding the bright side to even the darkest situations is something much easier said than done.

Christine Robertson knew she had the magic touch when it came to decorating. She just never had the time to shine.

In 2012, she got her first call from a family friend to decorate a wedding, from there her business, Christine’s Event Planning and Decorating, was ready to take off.

But adversity stood in her way. In May of 2021, she had to take a family medical leave from her job because her husband was sick.

“In August of 2021 he wasn’t doing as well and I wanted him to be so at that time I made a decision to take an early retirement so I could be with him, support him, and continue to take care of him,” said Robertson.

December  1, 2021, Robertson’s husband died,  just seven days before the couples 38th wedding anniversary.

In early 2022, Robertson made the decision to commit to her decorating business full time, knowing her husband would still be with her every step of the way.

“I’m used to him here with me when I’m planning my next event and I miss the conversations that we had so much, but he knows this is my passion. He knows this is my gift and he knows how inspired I am by the work that I do and the clients I have,” said Robertson.

Although the holidays won’t be the same, she found a sense of peace in the work that she loves

“This was my first Mother’s Day without him. It was very uncomfortable for me but I did manage to get through it and I just hope Father’s Day is much better than mothers day. I have so much more time to be with my clients I have so much more time to organize, design, and plan it keeps me busy,” said Robertson.

Robertson said she is thankful for her staff that she considers family.

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