Advance Planning And Community Help Keeps Deputies And Jailers On The Job


TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – There are some workers who cannot do their jobs from home, even if the area is facing an onslaught of snow and ice.
Deputies and corrections officers at the Lee County Sheriff’s Department were able to stay on their job, because of advance planning, and help from the community.

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County offices have been closed all week because employees cannot get to work. But deputies and jailers at the Lee County Sheriff’s Department don’t have that option. They have to be at work and this week, some have stayed in a nearby hotel, and all have been fed.

Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson picked up lunch for deputies, investigators, and corrections officers.

The winter blast may have shuttered county offices and other businesses, but there are some who can’t work from home.

“The sheriff’s department never closes, we have an obligation to citizens we have to meet,” Sheriff Johnson said.

To help meet that obligation, Chief Deputy John Hall helped coordinate plans to feed the staff and house those corrections officers who live out of the county. Those jailers have been able to stay in a local hotel, so they can get safely to and from work.

“Because we’ve got to have employees here to run the facility, and we have a lot of detention staff living out of town, out of the county, we contacted a local Best Western, they were very good to work with us and provide rooms, we’ve been housing our essential detention staff personnel here in town,” Chief Deputy Hall said.

All staff members have to eat and most restaurants have been closed, but Bar B Q By Jim has remained open most of the week and has made meals for the sheriff’s department.

“We’re glad to have him to be able to support us and to provide that service and also at the same time we’re happy we can return the favor and support him as well,” Hall said.

Owner Jim Beane says he’s just glad to be able to help.

“Without them, we would be in a real mess, they’re out here hauling people to the hospital, doing things that need to be done, for the public, and trying to get people out of ditches,” Beane said.

Chief Deputy Hall says this will likely be the last night corrections officers who live out of the county will need to stay in the hotel.

Chief Deputy Hall says things should be back to normal by Monday as the ice and snow thaw out.