AG Says Aberdeen Alderman Must Step Down

ABERDEEN (WCBI) – An Attorneys General’s ruling may lead to a vacancy on the Aberdeen Board of Alderman.


The opinion issued this week and obtained by WCBI shows Cloyd Garth, Junior is ineligible to hold the seat on the board.   The ruling says because Garth took the job as Interim Superintendent of Education in Hazlehurst he can no longer be a board member in Aberdeen.   The Mississippi Constitution says the education post is in the Executive branch of government and the alderman role falls under the Legislative branch and serving in both is a violation of the Separation of Powers clause.    The Aberdeen board voted earlier this month to suspend Garths pay until the ruling came down.  Any payments  made to an ineligible board member would be void and any board member or city official who approved them could be held liable for those payments.

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