Alabama Residents React To Allegations Against Moore


LAMAR COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore continues to battle allegations of sexual misconduct.

Five women are now accusing Moore of having inappropriate relations with them decades ago.

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“Everything you do in the dark will come to the light,”said Alabama resident Glenda Blanchard.

Allegations of sexually inappropriate relations with teenage girls are surfacing around Moore in the middle of his race for the Alabama Senate seat.

Blanchard has lived in the Alabama for years and says hearing these accusations is alarming.

“You see him out here saying he’s this and he’s that and he doesn’t do this and he believes in god, he believes in the country he believes in the flag and then he gets out here and all this mess is coming back to haunt him. So sooner or later he’s either going to have to tell the truth or keep lying about but either way it’s going to come out,”said Blanchard.

The stories for each woman have been similar as to what they say happened, involving Moore.

However, Alabama resident Mary Owens questions, if the accusations are true why weren’t they reported years ago.

“Why wait till he’s going out for senator right now. As a women I’m not trying to discredit what anybody’s saying but if this happened, he had no recollection of even knowing these people…until now. I don’t believe it and that wouldn’t stop me from going out to vote,”said Owens.

Some residents say incidents like this around any candidate shines a negative light on the political system as a whole.

“I don’t feel confident in them at all. I think if you’re going to hold a position like this you need to be upright and trust worthy and stand for what you say when you’re on t.v. and you give this big speech, I feel like you need to stand behind you’re word because you’re word is everything,”said Alabama Resident Ginger Jones.

Moore will face Democrat Doug Jones in the special election December 12th.