Almanac: The inventor of Reddi-Wip

Whipped cream in an aerosol can. 

CBS News

On January 5, 1914, dairy salesman-turned-innovator Aaron Lapin was born in St. Louis.

Lapin developed a way of putting whipped cream into an aerosol can – and so, in 1948, Reddi-Wip was born.

aaron-lapin-the-inventor-of-reddi-wip.jpg Aaron Lapin, the inventor of Reddi-Wip. CBS News

When it comes to instant dessert toppings, true believers say it’s hard to top Reddi-Wip. Countless TV commercials over the years have touted its merits …

And Reddi-Wip’s place in our popular culture is celebrated in many an online video as well.

Aaron Lapin died in 1999 at the age of 85, but Reddi-Wip, of course, lives on, particularly TODAY, celebrated in dessert topping circles as National Whipped Cream Day!

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