Aluminum Dynamics breaks ground on $2.5B project in Lowndes County

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – One of the largest economic development projects in state history broke ground Tuesday in Lowndes County.

SDI Aluminum Dynamics is underway.

Business managers and elected leaders said the aluminum mill would create a snowball effect for a better economy and improve education.

This is a day that has been a long time coming from planning to deal-making.

And for people who live in the Golden Triangle and nearby, this company means hefty salaries.

In about 24 to 36 months, more than 800 Mississippians can apply for high-paying jobs at Aluminum Dynamics.

Salaries may reach six figures. And, there will be incentives for some workers to send their kids to college.

Lawmakers are hoping this is one way to combat the brain drain issue in the state.

When we asked SDI CEO Mark Millet why the company decided to move the aluminum mill to this region of the country, he said it was because of the beverage, automotive, and other markets.

When we asked him why the company chose Mississippi, he said it was because of the people.

“Mississippi is set to be the largest manufacturer of aluminum in the country in less than three years, serving companies who help serve your favorite beverage in a can,” said Millett.

Millett said many American companies are underserved with aluminum, forcing them to seek the material overseas.

“The automotive market in America has been hamstrung because they just can’t get enough aluminum. The electrification of cars, they want the cars to be lighter and aluminum serves that purpose,” said Millett.

“Well listen, the reality is that electric vehicles are coming to the United States of America and they’re coming to Mississippi,” said Governor Tate Reeves.

WCBI asked District 41 House Representative Kabir Karriem if the economic development will influence lawmakers to be in favor of electric-friendly legislation.

“The sky is the limit for the state of Mississippi and you can’t take a company like Tesla off the table. Lawmakers are willing to work together and bring in and enhance Mississippi,” said Karriem.

Legislators like Carl Mickens believed the business move would improve education.

“By having such an economic boost from this company, it will bring more teachers here, better teachers, and it will bring more money to our school districts,” said Mickens.

The aluminum mill is expected to start its operation by the summer of 2025.

Millett was asked if SDI is working on any deals with companies like Coca-Cola to move their canning operations to Lowndes County.

He said it was too early to tell.

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