Amory Residents Help Calm Fears In Wake Of Shocking Murder

AMORY, MISS. (WCBI) – The murder of Judy Baxter sent shock waves through Amory. Some locals are doing what they can to help ease people’s fears.

Like most folks, Patrick Swan was shocked and outraged when he heard about the murder of Judy Baxter. But he’s turning that shock and anger into action.

“I knew there were people who didn’t have the security and comfort I know my wife has when we go places, and there was no reason that I couldn’t offer that to someone else besides my own family,” Swan said.

Swan made a Facebook post, offering to escort women to the store, or to make sure they got into their homes safely after running an errand. He has already had several calls for assistance.

“The first was a lady, she didn’t feel comfortable going to Walmart, she told me what she needed , I went and picked it up, dropped it off at her house for her, didn’t charge her nothing, cause I knew it was something that was easier for me to do than for her to do,” Swan said.

People are also dealing with the tragedy by leaning on their faith.

The pastor of Bethel Apostolic Church encourages his congregation and others to pray for law enforcement, and to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings and not overcome by fear.

“When we start operating out of fear , we start doing things that aren’t rational ourselves, we start thinking of things that aren’t real, as much as we want things fixed immediately, we have to give God and time, space here to let truth come out and let this be solved and peace and tranquility come back to our community,” said Pastor Stanley Blaylock.

Area gun shops are also reporting increases in sales since Thursday’s events and the owner of Glenn Farms Shooting School says more people are now enrolling for concealed carry classes and refresher courses in firearms training.

Police tell WCBI they aren’t yet sure if there is any connection between Thursday’s murder, and an attack of a woman Friday in the same area. In that case, the victim was able to get away from the suspect.

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