Video: Are there Ghosts Among Us? WCBI Investigates

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COLUMBUS, Miss (WCBI)- Back in August we introduced you to Helen and her daughter Cindy. Both women claimed strange phenomena happened in their home. They even captured video of what appears to be a man standing on their front porch.

“She said, ‘There’s something on the video’ and showed it to me. We looked at it several times and said how did that happen? said Cindy Waites.

We returned to the house on 2nd Avenue North with local paranormal experts. They began their investigation in the living room when something unexpected happened near Cindy.

“One of our cameras we had set up, during the course of an EVP session, when she asked her first question, the camera moved towards her. That has never really happened to us before so that was a new one,” said paranormal investigator Shanda Murff.

Investigators also set up voice recorders and frequency detectors. On several recordings, you can hear the voice of a man, one featuring a friendly “Hello”. Sure, they expected a male voice, but what happened next caught them all by surprise.

“One of the questions our other investigator asked was ‘How many people are here with us?” And she got a response that was really in a child-like feminine voice.  We couldn’t really decide if it said 5 or 8. But I’m going to say 5,” said Murff.

As the group approached the master bedroom, Cindy stayed near the couch.

“A dark-like shadow suddenly just went in front of me and it really frightened me and just clouded my vision and I was like ooh!” said Waites.

Investigator Andy Wilson felt a strange sensation as he entered the room.

“I felt something touch the back of my neck and told investigators Kim and I told Shanda. You could actually feel the hair moving on the back of my neck and so Kim came around, I said stand here, see if you feel anything and then she felt something touch her leg. Never had anything touch me before, that’s a weird feeling,” said Wilson.

So, is there enough evidence to say that this house is haunted?

“I don’t think that they have anything evil here. As long as they’ve lived here. If they did they would’ve known long before now. But I do think there’s something here,” said Murff.

“I’ve tried not to be a skeptic, but I understand now there is a supernatural world and things are going on that we don’t understand,” said Waites.

Cindy’s mother Helen says they researched the area. Hellen tells us the house is just a block away from where a hospital once stood. There were also several slave quarters that were torn down around the corner from their home more than a century ago.

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