Area EMA director gives tips on how to stay safe during severe weather

NORTH MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – North Mississippi is expected to have heavy rains and possibly severe storms throughout the night.

Chickasaw County Emergency Management Director Linda Griffin said residents shouldn’t wait until the last minute to start taking precautions.

“Main thing is just having a plan ahead of time and don’t wait until the severe weather is right on top of your county before you realize you need to go to a safer location than where you are currently living and located. Find a sturdy structure and it is possible that we will have high winds and trees will fall down. So, if they do have to travel then they need to slow down and be cautious about the falling trees,” said Griffin.

Griffin also encouraged all residents to use the resources available to them.

“Chickasaw County has code red notifications that are free to citizens. All they have to do is sign up for it. If we go into a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning, they can receive those notifications by home,” said Griffin.

Griffin also had a few tips for how to protect yourself if you find yourself in the storm’s path.

“Staying in the center of their home on the first floor and put as many walls in between. And if you want to put a small mattress over you and have your kids wear a helmet. The more protection you have, the better you are because of the high wind that could cause the damage,” said Griffin.

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