As delta variant surges in MS, medical experts urge folks to stay healthy

LOWNDES/OKTIBBEHA COUNTIES, Miss. (WCBI)- The delta variant continues to surge across the Magnolia State, and folks are trying to stay healthy. Vaccinated or unvaccinated, Mississippians are using different routes to fight the delta variant of COVID-19. One thing they’re trying, boosting their immune systems. Chris Bonner, Pharmacist and Owner of Chris’s Pharmacy in Columbus, says the 2020 pandemic left shelves nearly empty. ” Vitamins actually can decrease the severity of COVID-19. There is some evidence that says it may prevent it from being as bad if you do come in contact with it,” said Bonner. ” For the first wave, we had trouble getting supplies of different vitamins we needed. We were running out of daily,” said Bonner. Bonner says several nutrients can help fight some infections. “Over the counter, what you see doctors using is vitamin D and vitamin C. Sometimes, they’ll use a combination of a B-complex and Zyrtec. And histamines. That’s going to be your best option,” said Bonner. Those banking on more natural remedies is visiting Soulflower Wellness in Starkville. Miki Bryant is the owner and a counselor. Bryant says one of their many services includes ionic foot baths. ” It’s drawing toxins out. Footbaths are a beneficial service during COVID-19 when people are sick with the virus or another viral or bacterial infection they’ve been dealing with. It’s helping to support drawing all of the inflammatory by-products out of the body,” said Bryant. Folks can also find natural ingredients in the apothecary. “We provide plant-based, organic herbal products that support all aspects of immune support and sleep support,” said Bryant. Bryant encourages people to visit local health stores for vitamins and services. Soulflower Wellness also specializes in counseling, mental health, and meditation. The company is expanding the apothecary to include a variety of locally produced plant-based homeopathics. Click here for more information.

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