Baptist Memorial Golden Triangle Hospital adds protection to facility

Every guest or patient who comes through the E.R. is required to go through the detector.

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Baptist Memorial Golden Triangle Hospital is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of its patients and staff.

Last week, metal detectors were installed at the entrance of the ER, and security personnel are now equipped with handheld detector wands.

Administrative Director Madison Guyton said the plans to improve safety have been in the works for a while.

“We started this process about eight months ago to try to prevent weapons from entering our facility, it wasn’t necessarily because a certain event had happened, but then we had certain events that transpired and they kind of pushed the metal detectors through even faster but just mainly to protect our staff, our visors, and our patients to try to make a safer environment that promotes healing,” Guyton said.

Every guest or patient who comes through the ER is required to go through the detector.

Guyton said security guards are on high alert for weapons of any kind entering the building.

“You will be screened if we have to use a wand, and we will take you through that process of possibly patting down somewhere if we need to. We do give people the opportunity to take that weapon back to their vehicle if it is found to secure it themselves if they can do so if they don’t, we do not delay medical screening for any reason but we will secure that weapon for you, and then we will return it to you upon discharge at your vehicle,” Guyton said.

The hospital has hundreds of employees who use different entrances to get into buildings.

Areas that do not have metal detectors usually require ID badge access.

“A lot of our areas you do have to have a badge to access, and then a lot of other areas if you come through any entrance, we do have screeners in place, so we generally want you to state what business you have and who you are here to see and we kind of help direct people to where they need to go to see people to help their process be easier,” Guyton said.

As for plans to expand the safety precautions, they’re working out the details

“We are looking at expansion possibly, but we are in a pilot phase right now so we are evaluating the success or challenge of these metal detectors first, and then we may look at expanding through the hospital,” Guyton said.

The ER is open 24/7 so guests and visitors will be screened at all times.

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