Black history month lives on through the Sandfield area

The Sandfield area in Columbus is being rebuilt


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- As the nation celebrates Black History Month, a once-thriving neighborhood in Columbus is being celebrated by the descendants of the people who first lived there. Like many older neighborhoods, Sandfield fell on hard times.

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“We’re actually building 3 homes right now in Sandfield where we currently grew up,” said the president of build development with J5 solutions Jabari Edwards Jr.

On the foundation of history, the Sandfield area in Columbus is being rebuilt with progress in mind.

“These were homes that were blight these were homes that were drug-ridden, crime-ridden, and we wanted to make this area an area that was safe again and thriving again.. the gameplan for that Sandfield area is not just to put homes up but is actually to be a community again,” said the president of J5 Solutions Antwann Richardson.

This is where some members of the J5 solutions team grew up. That’s why remodeling here is a natural fit, and key to remembering their loved ones.

“My grandfather being the first black elected city councilman in Columbus MS that is really continuing his legacy and the mission that he left down to my father and just what he did for this community you know that was something positive,” said Edwards Jr.

Edwards Jr. Works for his father at J5 Solutions. He says he has always had a love for hands-on work. This project is a way to honor those who came before him

“I’ve always loved construction and I feel that its nothing better than actually building up your old community and giving the community something to be proud about ..what our ancestors tried to do back then is make things better that’s what we’re trying to do now we’re just continuing their mission,” said Edwards Jr.

J5 is deep into the process of building the homes in Sandfield, and executive director of Bubbas Hope Janie Shields explains why it is such a vital role in their history as well as black history.

“Our CEO and founder of J5 solutions he loves that area he grew up in that area.. and that’s why this project is so important to our company. With J5 we’re committed to building black wealth and what that encompasses is all of our companies we try to make sure that we either hire black contractors we’re hiring people that are sometimes overlooked,” said Shields.

The J5 team anticipates having the homes finished within the next month. They want new residents to know and appreciate that they’re living in a historic area.