Bruce Police Offering A $5,000 Reward For A Suspect On The Run


BRUCE, Miss. (WCBI) – The hunt for convicted felon, Adrian Leon Golden continues, after he allegedly shot his girlfriend and took off from the scene.

Law enforcement have been searching for Golden since the attack in June.

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The Bruce Police Department recently posted a reward to social media for tips leading to Golden’s arrest.

The police chief says the department is trying to gather more tips on his whereabouts.

Golden has been on the run from law enforcement for eight months now.

The Bruce Police Department say he could be anywhere and sightings and tips have died down.

Now, officers are are hoping a $5,000 reward will jog some memories.

“They go into hiding, but they can’t hide forever and they’ll finally, finally mess up,” says Bruce Police Chief Tony Sockwell.

This large wooded area off of Jimmy Beckley Drive in Bruce, was the focus for the hunt for Adrian Leon Golden.

Sockwell says he thinks someone picked him up from this area, while he was hiding out.

“We’ve had sightings in Pontotoc and Water Valley and in Tupelo, you know, we’ve went everywhere.”

Those sightings are scarce now and Sockwell says the convicted felon could be anywhere.

“We have him on NCIC, so it doesn’t matter if he’s in California, or wherever he’s at, if he gets stopped, they’ll run his ID and it will pop up as wanted.”

Officers are relying on help from several agencies to track down Golden, including the FBI.

“They just keep us informed with everything they find out and we do the same if we find something, or get a lead and you know, we try to pass it along, especially, if it’s out of our jurisdiction and you know, we try to help out other agencies and let them know what we know and we just try to find him,” says BPD Investigator, Braeden Reynolds.

The chief says one of the most challenging parts of this case is Golden not being from the area.

“If he was in the community, you would know people that know him and you could go that route, but not knowing him, or any of his folks, makes it a little more difficult.”

The reward money started out as a $1,000, but has grown within a month.

An anonymous resident and business, along with the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department donated the rest of the funds.