Bulldog fans celebrate their teams game win with new merch

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Yesterday was Thanksgiving, but for many across Mississippi there was something else on the menu besides Turkey and Dressing – A big, golden Egg.

This year’s edition of the Egg Bowl played out in Oxford, but with the Bulldogs topping the Rebels, it’s Starkville saw an increase in sales of postgame merchandise.

For many Thanksgiving day is all about food family and sports. And the following day is about the leftovers, The Black Friday Deals, and who won.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs reclaimed the golden egg Thursday night, and now fans are taking a victory lap to local stores to pick up some extra merchandise to commemorate the win.

And while customers are out to shop for the best deals. Employees like Isabel Davis say after a game day win her computer is flooded with t-shirt orders.

“We love when our bulldogs win rain or shine it doesn’t matter. People are in the store after a good game day win it is always packed and everyone is buying the apparel after they win,” said Davis.

Davis says there were tons of t-shirts for sale before the game, but now the shelves are nearly empty.

“We actually put our Egg Bowl shirts a week before the game so people could have them before the game and they weren’t doing that well but once the game got closer Ole Miss had just lost to Arkansas, and we had just won and people started buying them a little more and after the game and we can see the time they buy them so we had a ton of sales after we had already won last night,” said Davis.

And other stores are also feeling the Bulldog Spirit, Kyle Young, Co-manager of Maroon and Co says each year he finds himself having to increase shirt orders and they still seem to run out.

“We base it on last year’s numbers and we sell out and add a few extras in each size to make sure we accommodate everybody,” said Young.

And Davis says while she’s taking care of customers in the store, she’s also busy with out-of-town buyers.

“I am here packing up all of these orders after people to send out to people who ordered our egg bowl stuff,” said Davis.

Most stores say they were grateful for their customers to come and support them after the big win.

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