Cadence Bank and Columbus Housing Authority hosts affordable housing fair

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Whether you’re a first-time buyer or someone looking for a home to fit the next phase of their life, there are several programs you can turn to for help.

The Columbus Housing Authority and Cadence Bank teamed up to host an Affordable Housing Information Fair.

Potential buyers have many reasons for looking for a new home.

The goal of the Affordable Housing Information Fair was to help them find quality, safe housing that fits in their budgets.

In our area many people are looking for a home to call their own. Some are tired of renting.

Others have faced tragedy, leaving their homes damaged, causing them to depend on family members.

“Because of the tornado, some people lost their homes. The renters are not doing anything,” attendee Lana Turner Jones.

That’s what brought Jones to the Affordable Housing Information Fair on Wednesday. She is searching for housing options for her aunt.

“Her house ended up being condemned, the city condemned the house. She’s 80-years-old, she’s a breast cancer survivor and she has other illnesses and sickness so I’ve been going around helping her the best that I can. I just thought it was worth my time and effort to see what I can do for her,” said Jones.

With a roof that needs repairs and floorboards that need replacing, Jones is determined to find a safe, warm and stable house for her aunt.

Cadence Bank Representative Eula Jackson said there is a wide variety of housing options to fit their needs.

“We have an affordable loan program that offers low down payment, that offers no mortgage insurance, it’s based on your credit score and it’s based on your income limits,” said Jackson.

Jackson said most of Cadence Bank’s housing programs focus on homeownership, financial literacy, and housing services.

But first, there are a few conditions.

“To qualify for the affordable home loan product you have to meet certain income criteria and that would be 80% of the HUD median income limit in Mississippi,” said Jackson.

And there are other programs, like Mississippi Regional Housing Authority IV, who assist with meeting a financial budget.

Executive Director Brian Power said his organization serves over eight counties in Mississippi.

“This is good because it brings people together and you can find what options are out there. Affordable housing is very hard to find whether you’re in Columbus, Mississippi whether you’re on the coast, if you’re anywhere. We know there’s not enough affordable housing out there,” said Power.

In the meantime, Jones said her search to find her aunt a new home will remain at the top of her to-do list.

“She’s been living there for 22 years, but she doesn’t have any place to go, so she has no choice but to stay here right now,” said Jones.

You can click Cadence Bank or Columbus Housing Authority for more information.

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