Calhoun County Career And Technical Students Make ‘Beds For Kids’

CALHOUN COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Students in Calhoun County are learning valuable skills and making a huge difference in the lives of needy families.

During each 90 minute period, students in the construction class at Calhoun County’s Career and Technical Center, have been learning how to make beds.

The project is known as “Beds for Kids” and it began with a local preacher, whose church made beds, one at a time, for needy people.

But a bigger space, along with capacity for increased production, was a big need.

“We were talking to the guy over it and sort of seeing if our construction classroom would be a fit for making the beds, he came and looked at the site, thought it would, and it was a good thing for them and our students,” said Kyle Clark, director of Calhoun County’s Career and Technical Center.

Students were able to get involved with the Beds for Kids project after Families First moved in to what was unused space in the Career and Technical Center.

The partnership is benefiting the entire community.

“This project began with a need with families who had children sleeping on the floor, or who didn’t have enough air mattresses for everyone in the house, now we’re working with ten to twelve families who have this need,” said Porter Casey, with Families First of Calhoun County.

Each student has a specific task in the bed making process.

They all say it is a blessing to work together and help others.

“I have known several people in my family and other families who have went without beds, and I feel like, this is just a big part I’m playing in their lives, and I know they will be thankful,” said Tyasia Kimble, a sophomore at Calhoun City High School.

“I love to help people out in any way possible, I love to do a good deed because God will bless you for doing something good for people who need help,” said Oshunte Primer, a senior at Calhoun City High School.

The first of many beds should be delivered in the next few weeks.

Materials for the beds are donated to the class by local businesses.

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