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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Keys have been around for thousands of years.

It’s a simple concept. Grant a key holder access, while keeping others out.

Automakers have taken that simple technology and radically updated it for the computer age.

Have you looked at a car key lately?

Keyless entry is so convenient.

The days of the simple, saw toothed, car key are long gone.

Now, they all have chips in them.

In theory, it makes stealing your car, a whole lot harder.

Eddie Boykin owns Eddie’s Service Center in Columbus.

He says, ” It just shuts your injectors off. Some of them, shut your fuel pump off. It’s just the security code is in the key, and it’s got to read it correct to start your car.”

No doubt about it, keys got smart.

Volvo even has one that can detect a beating heart inside your car.

That information can come in handy, if someone is hiding in your back seat.

But with all the functions, there are more chances for failure.

Not too long ago, Eddie could cut a new key for you at his shop.

No way, he can do it for these new cars.

For a shop like his, it just doesn’t make financial sense.

Eddie explains, ” It’s just a lot more money now, you know, when you have to cut a key through a dealership it’s a lot more money. Some keys $50, some of them could be $100. It’s according to what kind of car and they will go as high as 2 or 3 hundred dollars.”

Talk about the high cost of change.

You can count Eddie among those who felt that keys weren’t broken, but somebody fixed them anyway.

He concludes, ” I don’t like it myself. It gets very confusing how to figure out the problems, and then you gotta actually tow the vehicle to the dealer or the nearest place that can code your keys.”

I asked, “And they are saying it’s in the name of security and making things easier?

Eddie answered, ” That’s what they say, but it makes it tough on everyone when you lose your keys.”

Feel free to go ahead and pat your pockets.

Chips can also go bad.

When they do, you can open your door the old fashioned way, but they will not crank your car.

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