Charges expected to upgrade for teen accused of killing a juvenile

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott and District Attorney Scott Colom are working together on the case

CLAY COUNTY, Miss (WCBI)- More details have emerged about the circumstances surrounding the death of 16-year-old Denasia McGregory.

The suspect being held is facing new charges. District Attorney Scott Colom and Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott met with McGregory’s family Thursday morning.

Sheriff Eddie Scott said it’d been a busy 24 hours working this case, but he’s sure that justice will be served for the tragic crime that took such a young life.

“It’s a very very heinous thing that you had to happen here I mean terrible,” said

Labrandon Tumblin is in jail in Clay County charged with first-degree murder Felony possession of a weapon by firearm and obstruction of justice.

“There’s a good chance in this case there may be upgrades in charges you know what the Clay County sheriffs department does very well is they make sure they file the evidence and then come out with the best charge and because of that we sometimes have to upgrade charges based on additional evidence,” said Colom.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott and District Attorney Scott Colom are working together on the case.

They believe Tumblin shot 16-year-old Denasia McGregory, put her in the trunk of a car, and drove to Tupelo, but they say the actual murder happened in Clay County.

“It was revealed that she was apparently murdered in the northern part of Clay County in the Una community and was transported by our suspect Tomblin to Tupelo where her body was recovered,” said Sheriff Scott.

The investigation is ongoing and involves multiple counties.

Colom says he’ll do everything in his power to bring a sense of closure to McGregory’s family.

“What you had here is a young girl who was taken at the prime of her life and in one of the most terrible ways possible and it’s going to be taken extremely seriously and there’s going to be punishment for what happened here,” said Colom.

Tumblin’s initial appearance could happen has not been set. Both the Sheriff and the District Attorney believe Tumblin won’t have a bond.

If charges are upgraded which both the sheriff and DA expect we will keep you informed as soon as the information gets to us.

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