Choctaw County Supervisors find a way to save on road repairs

CHOCTAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Paving roads can be expensive, that’s why it can take so long for repairs to be made.

Now, one county is finding a way to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On Monday, work started on Black Road.

It’s work that will be done by county workers and with county equipment.

“It’s all about the taxpayers, not about us,” said Choctaw County District 4 Supervisor John Shumaker.

Using that philosophy, Choctaw County Supervisors from Districts 1,3, and 4 are finding a way to pave roads on a slim budget.

Road crews will do most of the work of paving and laying the asphalt.

Materials for the projects are all county-owned.

By not hiring a contractor, the county is expected to save $220,000.

“To build a road that has a strong base under it and all we have involved in it is labor and trucking,” said Choctaw County District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire.

Three or four roads throughout the county will be paved over the next several weeks.

Supervisors said they are saving taxpayers money on these projects and on their vehicles.

“Anytime you can eliminate a gravel road to a paved road it’s a plus. Makes the homeowner’s house worth more, property worth more, less wear and tear on your car, and it’s easier to maintain,” said Choctaw County District 1 Supervisor Joey Stephenson.

“These people been living on the gravel road for years and it just gives them an opportunity to get all the folks that’s in the towns live and get them off the gravel road and on to pavement,” said McIntire.

Road construction on the other roads will begin in two weeks.

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